Dementia Therapy Specialists was co-founded by Dr. Daniel Nightingale and Kathleen Nightingale. We are based in Scottsdale, Arizona and offer our services virtually.

Dr Daniel J Nightingale, Co-Founder and CEO

PCSC; RN; PhD; LD (doc); ADHP (NC); ECCH; Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine & Fellow of the National Society of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

Dr Daniel Nightingale (affectionately known as Dr Dan) is a leading UK Clinical Dementia Specialist now based in the US.  He is also an author, writer and speaker, and a world leader in the use of hypnosis for people living with dementia.

This follows his groundbreaking research with Dr. Simon Duff, which has led to the development of a training program for clinicians in this specialized therapy.  Dr. Dan is founder and CEO of Dementia Doctor (UK), and co-founder and CEO of Dementia Therapy Specialists (US).

Please read our Mission Statement to see how we aim to achieve this.

Kathleen Nightingale, CCHt, is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and mindset expert.  She wrote the book Lose The Diet, transform your body by connecting with your soul, which won four major book awards.

Dementia has touched her life on a personal level, so she understands how it impacts not only the individual, but the family, and Kathleen has been known to speak on the topic of preventing caregiver burnout. Ultimately, her expertise is in the area of shifting our mindset to create a life we love. KathleenNightingale.com