Caregiver Staff Training

Dr. Dan’s Cutting Edge Caregiver Staff Training: MY DREAMS OF BEING: INCLUSION OF REALITY™

With over 35 years experience in dementia care, I thought I knew all there was to know about person centered care until I completed this course…

Dr Dan’s program goes beyond our understanding of what we believe person centered care is and demonstrates to us what it should really be. Using the CAR approach – which is part of this program – we are truly present with the person living with dementia in his/her world, his/her reality.

Each module taught me new skills and techniques that enhance the quality of life for all people living with dementia, and has certainly enabled me to accompany each individual on their unique journey, and through their eyes, their perspective, their reality. What an incredible gift!! Thank you Dr Dan.” Tracey M., RN, BSN, GNC(c), DDS, Dementia Consultant, Educator & Advocate

The Self-Directed program comes in both US and UK formats, and contains power point slides, PDFs and audio with directions on delivering the training to your caregiver staff.  The cost for the entire self-directed training is only $997. (This six module self-directed program includes support from Dr. Nightingale.)




This dementia care training program is also available as a LIVE TRAINING WITH DR. DAN!

One day a week for six weeks for six hours each day with your caregiving staff. A 36-hour live training program!  (36 CEUs are offered from the Arizona Board of Nursing Care Institution Administrators and Assisted Living Facility Managers.) Contact us at (480) 688-3924 for more information.

Included with the program are these BONUSES:
  1. Twelve months of remote clinical support from Dr. Dan.
  2. A copy of The Nightingale Model of Enriched Care
  3. Your business listed on both the Dementia Therapy Specialists and Dementia Doctor websites.
  4. Membership in the exclusive My Dreams of Being Facebook group.
Dr Dan, you are a true inspiration– always have been and always will be. My staff were buzzing on the way home on all the things they want to do. Thank you. Never change who you are.” – Helen Randall, Home Manager

A true person centered training program by one of the world’s leading clinical dementia specialists: Dr Daniel J Nightingale (Dr Dan), PhD; RN; ADHP (NC); ECCH, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine


My Dreams of Being: Inclusion of Reality™, is a true person centered training and development program aimed at enhancing quality of life of people living with dementia (clinically referred to as a neurocognitive disorder).

The ultimate goal is to achieve rementia for each individual by shaping the attitudes and engagement of those supporting individuals living in their family home, in a memory care community or a nursing or residential home. Home is wherever that person is living.

The program starts with acting out the scene “My journey Through Dementia”. The whole program is based around Daniel, a gentleman living in a nursing home.

Each module is interactive and engaging with the core being based on the Nightingale Model of Enriched Care and the Inclusion of Reality™ principle. At the end of each module there is practical homework, followed by feedback at the beginning of the next module. There is also a multiple choice test at the end of the course that learners must pass in order to be certified in My Dreams of Being: Inclusion of Reality™.

Click here for the downloadable file with more information: My Dreams of Being Inclusion of Reality Full Program

Not only that, but for a period of twelve months after purchasing the program, Dr. Dan will be available for clinical consults by Skype or email. For example, if a member of the team is challenged by the behavior of a client, they may contact Dr. Dan for advice.

AND, you’ll be part of the exclusive Facebook group where you can interact with your fellow educators.

BONUS! Included with the program is the Nightingale Model of Enriched Care; a practical guide for care facilities wishing to implement true person centered care for people living with dementia.  It is a three part set that includes:  The informational Model, the Care Deficit Identification Tool, and the Outcome Measurement.  Total pages:  60.

This program is certified and accredited by Dementia Therapy Specialists LLC

Check out the flyer here: My Dreams of Being