Clinical Program Testimonial

Workshop with Dr. Daniel Nightingale, organised by Stephen Lovelife, in Bridgend (Southwales)

01/07 – 02/07/2017

I live in Nice (which is nice, pun intended!) and having had contact with Dan, reading about his research and discovering that a workshop was to take place in a hotel with an unpronounceable name (Coed-y-Mwstrwr) in Bridgend, I decided to make the trek to partake in this event.

The first day was about the patient not suffering but living with dementia, with the possibility to change this situation into achieving the state of rementia, based on an enriched care of the person either at home or in nursing homes. The idea is to concentrate on the person and not on the disease using all possible methods to make the person feel as a person i.e. treating her (him) with respect, empathy and even entering her (his) reality. Some dietary advice was also given such as using coconut oil and increasing the lycopene intake.

Dan gave us some homework to do: What would be your strategy in a period of six sessions (once a week), to transform a person living with dementia to achieving the state of rementia.

The morning of the second day was spent reviewing the homework of each person with Dan making the relevant comments. In the afternoon we watched the film showing a very impressive hypnosis session done by Dan to a patient with Alzheimer’s disease. This was reviewed and commented on afterwards by the participants.

Dan proceeded then in giving us the “Work” i.e. the strategies to improve the conditions of the patients as well as the hypnosis treatment using one group receiving hypnosis, one group having weekly cognitive stimulation and one neutral group – see report :

He finished the session with some marketing advice and we all got a certificate.

Conclusion: As I am dealing with two patients with Alzheimer’s, this workshop gave me some new ideas not only from Dan but also, through his lead, and from the synergy created among the participants.

It was well worth the trip and should you have the opportunity to participate in one of his workshops, you will discover a man with a great knowledge and a great humour.

Do not miss the chance!

Jacques Julien DANIEL, hypnotherapist