Creating Dementia Friendly Environments

Our environment determines who we are, and how we behave at any given time. For people living with dementia, an environment that is enabling is absolutely crucial in order to ensure a good quality of life.

If we consider that the majority of older people living with dementia lose the ability to see colors on the low end of the color spectrum, that with some dementia type illnesses such as Lewy Body type dementia visuo-spatial awareness challenges means not being able to negotiate uneven and changeable floor surfaces, it is easy to see how an environment soon becomes disabling to those living with dementia.

Take a look around your local supermarket and other shops – do you think they are dementia friendly? Look at other areas around you. Are they dementia friendly? are facilities and doctors offices, dentists offices, all need to be suitable for people living with dementia. Over 5 million people in the US have Alzheimer’s disease, and this increases decade upon decade. It is therefore in the best interests of everyone to have an environment that is user friendly for people living with the challenges of dementia.

Here at Dementia Therapy Specialists, we offer a consultancy service that can help food stores and other communal departments and areas within the community to be more dementia friendly, more enabling and less disabling.

For further information please contact us. We will be able to arrange a full and comprehensive audit of your community and furnish you with a report detailing recommendations for achieving an environment that will enable people living with dementia to enjoy the experience of being in that particular environment.

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