Articles by Dr. Nightingale

The following articles by Dr. Nightingale provide some great information relating to Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia:

  • The Impact of Young Onset Dementia Part 3

    Dec 2017, Expert Care Manager Magazine

    This is the third of a 3 Part series of articles discussing the psych-social element of YOD.

  • The Impact of Young Onset Dementia

    Jun 2017, Expert Care Magazine

    This is the first in a series of 3 articles on the subject of Young Onset Dementia.

  • AIDS Dementia Complex

    Apr 2017,  Expert Care Manager Magazine

  • Unusual Types of Dementia: CADASIL

    Jul 2016, Expert Care Manager Magazine

    Continuing my series on unusual types of dementia, in this publication I discuss both the clinical picture of CADASIL and support strategies

  • Music & Reminiscence Therapy

    Apr 2016, Expert Care Manager Magazine

    Music is a wonderful vehicle for communication when supporting someone to live well with dementia. This program – MaRTiS – combines music and life events to achieve cathartic outcomes.

  • The Benefits of Comedy for People Living with Dementia

    Jan 2016, Expert Care Manager Magazine

    Our responsibility is to support people to live well with dementia. Comedy is just one way in which we can all do this.

  • Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease (CJD)

    Jul 2014, Quality & Compliance Magazine, Issue 14, 47-49

  • Caring for Someone with Pick’s Disease

    Apr 2014  publication descriptionQuality & Compliance

  • The Therapeutic Use of Horse Therapy

    Apr 2014, Quality & Compliance

  • Caring for People with Unusual Types of Dementia

    Jan 2014, Quality & Compliance Magazine, Issue 12, 10-11

  • Providing Excellent Dementia Care

    Oct 2013, Quality & Compliance Magazine, Issue 11, 41-43

  • The Therapeutic Use of Doll Therapy

    Sep 2013, Dementia Therapy Care Journal, Issue 2, 9

  • Improving Practice with a Dignity Dementia Champion

    Jul 2013 , Quality & Compliance Magazine, Issue 10, 42-43

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  • Providing a Dignified Death

    Jul 2013, Quality & Compliance Magazine, Issue 10, 12-14

  • End of Life Care for Someone Living with Dementia

    Apr 2013, Quality & Compliance Magazine, Issue 9, 47-48

  • The Expression of Relationships, Sexuality and Intimacy by People Living with Dementia

    Jan 2013, Quality & Compliance, Issue 8, 46-48

  • Engaging the Community in Dementia Care

    Dec 2012, Positive Dementia Care Issue 1, 45-48

  • Supporting People with Dementia to Walk Positively with Purpose

    Dec 2012, Positive Dementia Care, Issue 1, 5-8

  • Supporting People to Live Well with Dementia

    Oct 2012, Quality & Compliance, Issue 7, 5-7

  • Person-Centred Care Planning

    Apr 2012, Quality & Compliance, Issue 5, 44-45

  • Montessori success for people living with dementia

    Apr 2011, Journal of Dementia Care, Volume 19, 38-40

  • Alternative approaches to supporting individuals with dementia enhancing quality of life through hypnosis.

    Dec 2010,  Conference Presentation, Duff, S.C. & Nightingale, D.J. (2010). Alternative approaches to supporting individuals with dementia enhancing quality of life through hypnosis. Invited paper, Psychosomatic support for people who have Alzheimer’s Disease, Royal Society of Medicine, December, London.


    Simon Duff
  • Alternative approaches to supporting people with dementia: Enhancing quality of life through hypnosis

    2007, Alzheimer’s Care Today, Vol 8. Issue 4, 321-331


    Duff S C
  • The Importance of Activities in the Southern Cross Healthcare Services

    Jul 2006, National Association of Primary Care Review

  • Long Term Outcomes of Hypnosis in Changing the Quality of life in Patients with Dementia

    2006, European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 7 (1), 2 – 8


  • New Approaches to Dementia Care

    2005, Nursing & Care Homes Business Magazine, 9 (4), 26

  • The efficacy of hypnosis in changing the quality of life in patients with dementia. A pilot-study evaluation

    2005, Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 6 (2), 20 – 29