Dementia Downloads

From ReVitalyz, you can purchase the Dementia Experience Training Resource which includes My Dreams of Being by Dr. Daniel Nightingale.  The CD provides an insight into the behavior of a person living with dementia plus an understanding of where some of the frustrations come from.  My Dreams of Being is at times sad and sometimes even a little funny but it is as realistic as possible and therefore extremely thought provoking.  Please mention that Dr. Dan sent you!

The following informative downloads are available for purchase:

The Nightingale Model of Enriched Care:  The Nightingale Model of Enriched Care is a practical guide for care facilities wishing to implement true person centered care for people living with dementia.  It is a three part set that includes:  The informational Model, the Care Deficit Identification Tool, and the Outcome Measurement.  Total pages:  60.  Price:  $29.97

Ameliorating Transitional Shock:  This manual is aimed at:  1. Giving managers the required information and strategies to develop a Transition Management System within their services, 2.  Reducing the malignant effects of transitions in the elderly population while reducing the need for increased medical interventions and pharmacological management, 3. Reducing mortality rates through the provision of a care strategy that promotes both physical and psychological wellbeing.  Total pages:  19.  Price:  $47.

Dementia Assessment Tool:  This is an effective tool for assessing dementia and its various stages.  Pages:  7.  Price:  $20.

Color Psychology in Dementia Care:  This fact sheet discusses the way that people living with dementia view color.  2 pages.  Price:  $1.97

Reducing the Risk of Developing Dementia Fact Sheet:  This fact sheet explains how you can reduce your risk of developing dementia.  One Page.  Price:  $1.97

Psycho-Social Interventions aimed at Enhancing Quality of Life:  This Fact Sheet briefly describes a number of approaches and interventions that can help people living with dementia and their loved ones. Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and person centered counselling are described along with others.  One Page.  Price:  $1.97