Dementia Training For Dental Teams

We are very happy to announce our partnership with Smiles by Delivery.

Smiles is an awesome organization that offers mobile dentistry! This is such a great service for people who are living with dementia and are better served where they live. Click here for the PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT & PRESS RELEASE.

We are providing training to their staff as well as to professionals in the community who work in the field of dementia. This helps to reduce the level of stress and anxiety for both the patient living with dementia AND those people who work with them, for an overall better quality of life.

CEUs are offered from the Arizona Dental Association and the Arizona Board of Nursing Care Institution Administrators and Assisted Living Facility Managers.

The first training is on April 6th, 2018. (See the flyer below for details.)

We have also worked with Houghton Dental:

Houghton Dental in Houghton, New York is the very first Dementia Friendly practice trained by Dementia Therapy Specialists and Dr. Daniel Nightingale.

With this very special training, Houghton Dental is now able to provide patient interaction and care that allows the person that is living with dementia to have the most relaxed experience possible from a staff that has the unique skills to provide true person centered dental care to people living with dementia.


Click here to listen to Dr. Daniel Nightingale’s interview on the Healthy Senior Living show.


“I have never seen a seminar for training a dental office to become dementia friendly, so when Dr. Dan and I first talked about doing something for my dental staff, I was surprised and a bit skeptical. Was I ever wrong!

During our day long training, Dr Dan clearly explained the spectrum of dementia disease and the utter imperative to support our patients so they can “live well with dementia!” He explained the importance of stepping into the reality of patients with dementia diagnosis, and how this validates these patients and even enables them to better cope with the fear and anxiety associated with their medical condition.

Dr Dan showed us little things which we could do to establish a dementia friendly environment in our office such as: 1.choosing dementia friendly colors, 2.assisting our patients to transition from floor to carpet and then back again,3. being alert  to any adverse reactions these patients might experience to reflections in mirrors, 4. seating dementia patients where there is excellent bright lighting and insure that there are clear signs indicating Rest Room and Exit.

I now have a mini mental assessment form I can use to better determine the dementia level of my patients.

So, when a new patient with a dementia diagnosis comes in for their first appointment we don’t go into a tail spin, unsure of how to best support them. We are prepared to adjust in positive ways to the special needs of these patients and make their time with us as positive and constructive as possible.

Thanks Dr Dan for your comprehensive training so we can now better respond to this unique population of our dental patient base.”

For more information, please contact us HERE.