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Dr. Daniel Nightingale is an award-winning, nationally recognized Clinical Dementia Specialist.  He is a Consultant Psychotherapist and Consultant Hypno-psychotherapist.  Dr. Dan is located in Arizona, and provides sessions locally in the Phoenix area and worldwide via Skype. Contact Dr. Nightingale at: DrDan@DementiaTherapySpecialists.com or call (928) 899-0647 in the US.

Note:  All of the therapists listed on this page are independent contractors, and therefore Dementia Therapy Specialists cannot be held liable for the therapy provided by them.


My name is Graham Cross from Sydney, Australia. I have Diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Remedial Massage and Reflexology as well as a Grad Cert NLP. I have completed a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on “Understanding Dementia” presented by Wicking dementia research & Education Centre through University of Tasmania and am currently enrolled in their Dementia Care Degree.

I have two businesses:- The Shire Remedial Clinic www.theshireremedialclinic.com.au and Shire Hypnosis www.shirehypnosis.com.au which I run out of my clinic in Sutherland, Sydney, Australia. I specialise in “linking” (or combining) therapies together to greatly boost desired outcomes.

I am not an Alternative Practitioner. I am a Complementary and Integrative Health Care Professional. I work alongside and with modern medicine. I do not diagnose. While my therapies can be used entirely on their own, they are not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. It is highly recommended that you see a licensed physician (your doctor) or other appropriate licenced health care professionals for the diagnosis and medical treatment of any physical or psychological ailment you may have.

Pamela Thorne:  Being able to use my skills as a hypnotherapist to reassure and guide people through their journey to understanding and addressing behaviours utilising Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Relaxation Therapy and Mindfulness is my fundamental approach to Person Centred Care and quality of life.

I am currently studying A Diploma of Dementia Care with the University of Tasmania, Australia and recently completed a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Understanding Dementia” from Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, Tasmania, Australia. I hold a Diploma of Hypnotherapy from The Academy of Hypnotic Science, Victoria, Australia. I am registered as a Practising Member with Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (AACHP) and hold a Professional Membership with The Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA). My business Inner Thoughts has consulting rooms in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia. Contact Inner.Thoughts.Hypno@gmail.com


Nadine Jans is a clinical counsellor in BC and a psychologist in the Netherlands. She is the creator of Experience-Centered Care with H.E.A.R.T. Methodology ™ and is the founder of Uptimize Coaching, Counselling & Training Ltd. She provides coaching, counselling and training based on the latest neuroscientific insights and best practices. Nadine has gained over a decade of experience working with older adults with depression, anxiety, dementia, and brain damage, their families, and professionals, in both communities and complex care residences. She is on a mission to end the unnecessary stress, overwhelm, and loneliness of caregivers (professional or family) and people living with depression or dementia. Nadine has experienced personally how life is profoundly affected when a close family member develops dementia, and she aims to guide others with her personal and professional knowledge. Website: www.uptimizeyourlife.com  Email: njans@uptimizeyourlife.com


My name is Michael Monien. I am a very experienced manager who  worked in various international companies in the telecommunications and IT industry throughout the past decades.

I experienced my life with ups and downs so far. Self-hypnosis helped me a lot. I use it in all kinds of situations. Not only in threatening moments, but also in quite pleasant moments, e.g. when I’m on the plane to go on vacation. As the perception of time is different, it literally flies by.

Hypnosis fascinated me so much that I studied hypnotherapy to help other people. I started with simple hypnosis training in Germany and soon realized that the English-speaking area provides much better training opportunities. Unlike Germany, there are universities specifically for learning hypnotherapy.

Finally, I studied at various institutes with the highest quality and the most innovative training methods. My education focused on childhood and adult therapy in general and the opportunity to educate. Certain topics such as immune disorders, ADD / ADHD and dementia are very important to me as they spread and increase more and more.

Contact Michael: Phone: +49 6062 8096630, email: info@hypnose-odw.de, web: www.Hypnose-odw.de


Dr. Anne Duguid (PhD Health Service Networks, MSc Psych and Health and MA (Hons Psych) is a Psychologist with a special interest in enhancing health across the lifespan.

She uses transformational clinical hypnosis and coaching methods to support her clients reduce anxiety, make attainable goals and live full and enriched lives. With a background in marital arts she also works to encourage her clients to utilize both their mind and the body to make sustainable life change. With her older clients this may translate into therapeutic work which encourages a mix of postural, breathing and walking training to reduce risk of falls, in addition to utilizing the specialist hypnotherapeutic methods taught by Dr. Dan Nightingale.

she is currently working on her online course series – Simple Changes – which are aimed at providing target audiences with the tools to make small, manageable changes to their lifestyle aimed at improving overall well-being.

Based in Valencia, Spain she works with individuals face-to-face locally or via Skype for those further afield. she can be reached by the following methods: Phone: 0034 657 434 3424 or email: a.duiguid@lapuertacoaching.com. See her website at: www.lapuertacoaching.org.

Martin Shirran and his wife Marion own and run the Elite Clinic in Southern Spain. In addition to being trained in Hypnotherapy, Martin also trained at Birmingham University in the field of CBT. Martin is registered with the UK’s Complimentry Health Care Council and is a member of the International Hypnosis Research Institute.

Martin and Marion have published two books with Hay House: one based on their Gastric Mind Band weight loss treatment; the second, Pause Button Therapy, covers their own brand of CBT. Martin and Marion were invited by Professor Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University to present their works at two global psychology conferences, at Coimbra University in Portugal, and at Warsaw University in Poland.

They both traveled to New York to appear on the Good Morning America TV show special, to share the details of their GMB treatment. At their clinic, in addition to providing their patented weight loss treatment, they also help people overcome problems including addictions, depression and phobias.

Martin and Marion also provide training and accreditation to therapists wishing to incorporate PBT into their treatment. Martin is delighted to have been trained by Dr. Dan Nightingale and to now be a part of the Dementia Specialists Team in order to help the many ex-pats living in the region suffering with Dementia. Contact Martin on: 0034 951 311 591 – Email: mail@eliteclinics.com



ChristineChristine Hemment represents the very best in complementary health practice and is a highly qualified Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnoanalyst, EFT Practitioner and IBS therapist with practices in Berkshire and Hertfordshire. She has also trained in Educational Kinesiology and Symbio-Dynamics, and Master Teacher level in Reiki. Christine works with children, adolescents and adults to overcome fears, phobias, addictions, stress and trauma. She has also trained with Dr. Nightingale as a Dementia Therapy Specialist. ChristineHemment.com

Trevor Hoskisson is an International Award Winning Hypnotherapist based at the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic in London. He also has clinics in Somerset and Devon. He lectures on the use of Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine at the College of Medicine. His pioneering work using hypnosis with an artist and dancer has been exhibited at the Royal College of Art and the Satchii Gallery. His clients include Doctors, Professors, Actors and other Celebrities, even Royalty.

Trevor has trained with Dr Dan Nightingale as a Dementia Therapy Specialist. He is also a Life and Health Coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and uses a number of other modalities to help his clients get great results as quickly as possible.

He can be reached on 07703 572300, or by email trevor.hoskisson@harleystreethypnotherapyclinic.com, 


Barbara Smolicz is registered with GHR and CNHC (UK) and NGH (USA).  Her specialist interests are anxiety/stress relief and pain relief but also deals with all forms of hypnotherapy that help to enhance a person’s positive attitude and general quality of life.

She has trained under Dr Dan Nightingale as a Dementia Therapy Specialist and aims to help both the person living with dementia and their carers achieve a more positive and confident approach to their situation. Barbara can be contacted via email on barbara@mimesh.co.uk or phone 07511 622290.

Tracy Swift has a clinic in Newport, Shropshire and also travels to Shrewsbury, Shropshire and uses a room at the wonderful relaxing Imagine Spa within the Shrewsbury Club.

She covers all areas of Hypnotherapy work and introduces Psycho-sensory techniques, which are quick and effective tools to help individuals control their own emotions whilst continuing to carry on with their everyday lives. She has a couple of specialisms which are Weight Release and Dementia Therapy.

The mindset is so powerful that she enjoys converting skeptics to realise that they can become in control of their emotions and consciously note changes using these incredible tools. This work can make lasting changes which is very rewarding for both Tracy and the individual who applies those tools. Your ‘Take Away’ therapy toolset is for life and will always assist you for the future.

Contact Tracy at 07764 997298, and http://www.youcanbeslimforlife.co.uk/


Catherine Herriot is located Howgate, near Edinburgh.  She is a fully insured and licensed hypnotherapist with a degree in Psychology, a certificate in Forensic Medicine and Science, and a background in nursing and clinical diagnostic science.  She has also trained as a dementia therapy specialist.  She can be reached by calling 07803 607 466, or by email at kateherriot@tinyworld.co.uk.  Her website is:   http://www.kateherriot-hypnotherapy.co.uk/

Irene Louden, Glasow, Scotland. For over twenty years, I have had the privilege of helping patients and clients from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. Their needs have been diverse and often complex.

In order to serve them well, I have continually updated my knowledge and widened my qualifications to embrace a broad spectrum of treatment methods. For more information, my website is:  Advanced Alternative Medicine Center


Stephen Truelove smallStephen Truelove is a certified and registered hypnotherapist, living in South Wales and working in Cardiff. Stephen has been studying and practising hypnotherapy since 2001 when he trained with The Guild of Therapeutic Hypnosis in South Wales. Highlights of Stephen’s training include working with Dr Stephen Gilligan Ph.D  ( student of Dr Milton Erickson) in Croydon London.

At the London College of clinical hypnosis, and more recently he has worked with Stephen Brooks in Thailand for further training in indirect hypnosis, which enabled him to become certified by the British Hypnosis Research and training school. Other therapies/qualifications include: NLP, EFT, CBT, Mindfulness, Reiki, EMDR, Emotional Coding, Time Lining and Matrix Re-imprinting. LoveLifeLoveYou.co.uk



Carol BeckerCarol Becker is located in Tempe, Arizona. She is trained not only as a dementia therapy specialist, but she is also a life coach, hypnotherapist and an NLP Master Practitioner trained in NLP Time Line Therapy.

When Carol was asked how she managed to achieve success with a group of people she said “just treating people with respect and the belief that everyone had a positive intention….the way I would want to be treated.”

Carol’s website is: CarolLifeCoach.com. Email her at: Carol@CarolLifeCoach.com, and you can call her directly at (480) 967-7321.

ElyseElyse Finocchio is a competent and caring person who is passionate about empowering her clients to achieve their personal best based on their needs and goals. She uses a gentle, compassionate and a dedicated mindset to guide her clients. Elyse has been a Integrative Healing Practitioner over 40 years. Elyse is a licensed Massage Practitioner and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner.  She stays current on research, studies, certifications, and licensing.

Elyse specializes in the health issues most dominating the 55+ population: Stress, Pain, and Weight Management, regaining purpose while transitioning in life through ‘empty-nest syndrome’, retirement, and even Dementia. Elyse comes to you for private ‘one on one’ sessions, develops a Personal Program Plan with you to meet your need. Your well-being is paramount! ‘Proclaim your Whole-self’ is the motto of ANU-U Therapies.

In addition, to her own practice, Elyse volunteers in the ‘Guided Imagery Program’ at a large national healthcare facility. This program has produced great results in the reduction of pain, stress and nausea. You can contact her on Facebook: ANU-U Therapies or anuutherapies@outlook.com or 602-502-0698.

JoanneJoanne Gartner holds a Ph.D. in Human Development Education from the University of Maryland, avidly follows quantum theorists who clarify how our thoughts shape our experience, and maintains that the sky’s the limit with hypnosis for dementia therapy, as there is so much unexplored territory regarding the mind-body connection. As a constructivist educator for over 25 years, she has been a leader in creating self-reflective learning activities for adults of all ages in several colleges and universities, has been doing guided imagery for ten years, and authored Looking Under Things to Get Over Them, true accounts of what people find in their subconscious. She currently conducts private sessions with transpersonal hypnotherapy, also performs shamanic work, and speaks on the power of the subconscious and the energetic basis of our lives. Website: http://www.soul-liberations.com


Rev. Sue Henley is located in Glendale, Arizona. She is an ordained Spiritual Peace Minister with the Beloved Community and Universal Life Church, is an author, speaker, certified Spiritual Counselor and Reiki Master. Rev. Sue’s approach to counseling comes from Spirit. She recognizes and understands many aspects of the human heart and how life challenges are met.  It is with great love and kindness that she hears what each client has to say, listening with both heart and mind.  Sue sees clients in her home or theirs, by telephone or Skype.  She is a member of the American Holistic Medical Association, and has trained as a Dementia Therapy Specialist.  To contact Sue, please call (623) 826-4555, email revsusanhenley@gmail.com or visit her website at www.revsusanhenley.com


Marea Boylan is certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and is a Neuroscientist trained at UCLA.  She has studied hypnotherapy for dementia with Dr. Nightingale, and is the Regional Dementia Therapy Specialist for Los Angeles, CA.

Contact Marea at: (323) 201-2013.  Or email at marea@dementiatherapyspecialists.com.

Michelle Braun:  Successfully working with clients with cognitive disorders/dementia in San Diego county since 2006,  Michelle, a certified  medical hypnotherapist, trained under Dr. Daniel Nightingale to gain further expertise. Michelle has a background in biology and has taken several courses in neurology and psychopharmacology.

Michelle provides sessions in clients’ homes, in her office and distance sessions via skype or phone.  She can be reached at 619-792-2068,  emailed at ManifestIntent@cox.net or contacted through her website, ManifestIntent.com

Roger MooreRoger Moore specializes in Medical Hypnosis and works extensively with autoimmune diseases, cancer, weight loss, dementia, end-of-life, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, pain control, stress, anxiety and healthy lifesty compliance. He is also known for his skills as a relationship therapist and is frequently referred to as the “therapist’s therapist.”

Roger Moore d.b.a. Palm Desert Hypnosis is located at 74-967 sheryl Ave, Suite 7, Palm Desert, California, and has clients in several states and countries via the internet.

Roger is the creator of Hypnosis Health Info (www.HypnosisHealthInfo.com) a dynamic informational web site for consumers seeking health and wellness. In addition to assisting clients, Roger is the director of the Roger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy which offers medical hypnosis training and he is the author of Becoming Slender For Life.


Christine lives near the shores of northern Lake Michigan where she practices massage therapy and hypnotherapy. She is certified through the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and is also a dementia therapy specialist. Chris enjoys working with all ages and is particularly interested in helping people with anxiety, pain, stress and quality of life issues.

Please feel free to contact Chris to discuss any issues you or a loved one may have. She can be reached at iamtwigg@yahoo.com, or 231-342-2266.


IMG_2032In her sessions Rebecca Suzanne Scott draws on her more than 25 years experience as an Energy Healer and her training as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner. She also trained with Dr. Nightingale as a Dementia Therapy Specialist.

Contact Rebecca by email or phone: RebeccaSuzanneScott@gmail.com
212-315-4075.  www.RebeccaSuzanneScott.com


Austin Addington Berlin is a certified hypnotherapist specializing in Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), and Dementia Hypnotherapy (DTS) as instituted by Dr. Dan Nightingale. Austin’s belief in the power of the subconscious mind, and its effect on our beliefs and emotions, is the driving force in guiding his clients to their root-cause issues so they can be re-framed. The mission of his practice, Rapid Transformational Freedom, is to follow an unconventional holistic approach garnering clients benefits which lead to highly desired outcomes. Austin is readily available for RTT sessions via Zoom/Skype, and may be reached for consultation at either of the following: aaddingtonb@hotmail.com or (832) 474-0894