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An estimated 46.8 million people in the world are living with dementia, and someone develops dementia every three seconds. This number will almost double every 20 years, reaching 75 million in 2030 and 131.5 million in 2050 (from Alzheimer’s Disease International).

There are growing numbers of people aged between 40 and 50 living with dementia. There are also one in 150,000 children born with Niemann Picks Type C who present with symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s Disease by the age of 10.

DTS Members are equipped with the knowledge, skills and competency to help people living with a form of dementia (neurocognitive disorder).

Dr. Daniel Nightingale is a leading dementia consultant from the UK (now based in New York), and he has developed the use of hypnotherapy for dementia.

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  • Access to Dr. Nightingale via email, Skype or Zoom for ongoing support and supervision.
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  • You’ll be kept up to date with developments and progress in the field of dementia

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