My Dreams of Being: Dr. Dan will be in South Wales on Monday, 3rd July 2017 to provide this day of knowledge. My Dreams Of Being is for everybody – not just those working in the field of dementia, but also husbands, wives and children who are supporting someone to live well with dementia.

  • Learn True Person Centered Care approaches, interventions and techniques.
  • Gain insight into therapies that improve the quality of life of people living with neurocognitive disorder (dementia)
  • Learn strategies to manage stress and reduce your risks of developing dementia.

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Dr Dan will be offering one hour Hypno-Psychotherapy consults in London on July 6th. These are for people living with dementia. Please contact Dr Dan by email at to make an appointment for yourself, a relative, friend or colleague.



South Wales, July 1st and 2nd

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What people are saying about the training:

“Hypnotherapy for Dementia with Dr. Dan Nightingale is one of the best trainings I’ve taken in recent years. Dr. Dan is extremely knowledgeable, warm and engaging. I walked out of class the first day loaded with information, with more to come. I learned a tremendous amount and had fun in the process.

“Research proves that hypnotherapy helps improve the quality of life for people with dementia. This population is growing, making this the perfect way to be of service in your community and grow your practice.”
Katherine Zimmerman, CCHT, Author, CE Course for Intuition and Spirituality

“Dr. Nightingale changed my perspective of dementia ENTIRELY, in a positive, empowered way.”

“Clear, concise, made the complicated details easily understandable.  Very well done.  Thanks!”

“Rich content; sense of humor.”

“Very Engaging, humorous and presented all material very clearly.  Very enjoyable conference.  Recommend it!  Thanks so much for sharing this information.”

“His sense of humor, degree of experience in the field, dedication to being of service to people with dementia, organization of material.  Thank you!  I am grateful to have this knowledge, the support and expertise to build a foundation for my work.”

“Very, very knowledgeable.  Well organized and superbly presented.  Information very beneficial, well needed.”

Here is a message from Dr. Dan about the class:  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Why should I take this Hypnotherapy for Dementia training:

An estimated 850,000 people in the UK are living with dementia. (2014 report statistics). This does not take in to account those who do not have a formal diagnosis, in which case the numbers could be doubled.  With the aging population and one in eight people age 65 and over having Alzheimer’s disease, it won’t be too long now before someone comes to see you for help – help with the challenges brought by dementia.

We are often asked:  “Can’t I just purchase a hypnosis script for Alzheimer’s (or any other form of dementia)?”  The answer is a resounding NO!!

You not only need to know HOW a person with dementia is cognitively impaired from the disease, it is very important to have the necessary knowledge and training about dementia and to understand WHERE the individual is in their unique journey through dementia before any therapy is used.  We can teach you what you MUST know and how to properly assess a person living with dementia.

As a Hypno-Psychotherapist, Dr. Daniel Nightingale (“Dr. Dan”) pioneered the use of hypnotherapy, and has been at the forefront of positive changes in the UK for people living with dementia.  This includes a policy in the UK called “Always a Last Resort” where anti-psychotic drugs are only used as a last resort for people living with dementia.  (Other therapies such as hypnotherapy are used FIRST.)

When you attend this workshop taught by Dr. Daniel Nightingale, the world leader in the use of hypnotherapy for people living with dementia; he will share his knowledge, experience and skills with you, including how to do a proper assessment (a very important step).

Dr. Nightingale will also share the techniques that he used in his study that showed amazing results in improving quality of life including Short and Long Term Memory, Socialization, Concentration and Activities of Daily Living.  

Then when you get that phone call from a person living with dementia, YOU will be the hypnotherapist that can actually help them, as there is no hypnosis script that can or should be used with this disease.  (Basic hypnotherapy training is a prerequisite to taking this class.)

Click here to download the course outline: BEST PRACTICE IN THE USE OF HYPNO Two day