Family Caregiver Program


Are you feeling stressed trying to help a family member that’s living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia? You want them to have a great quality of life, but it isn’t easy.

Having the right tools and knowing how to communicate with them in a way that reduces everyone’s stress and anxiety is the key.

With over 35 years experience in dementia care, I thought I knew all there was to know about person centered care until I completed this course virtually. Dr Dan’s program goes beyond our understanding of what we believe person centered care is and demonstrates to us what it should really be. Using the CAR approach – which is part of this program – we are truly present with the person living with dementia in his/her world, his/her reality.

Each module taught me new skills and techniques that enhance the quality of life for all people living with dementia, and has certainly enabled me to accompany each individual on their unique journey, and through their eyes, their perspective, their reality. What an incredible gift!! Thank you Dr Dan.” Tracey M., RN, BSN, GNC(c), DDS, Dementia Consultant, Educator & Advocate

A true person centered training program by one of the world’s leading clinical dementia specialists: Dr Daniel J Nightingale (Dr Dan), PhD; RN; ADHP (NC); ECCH, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine

My Dreams of Being: Inclusion of Reality™, is a true person centered training program aimed at enhancing quality of life of people living with dementia (clinically referred to as a neurocognitive disorder) as well as reduce stress for the caregiver.

Dr. Dan has created each module with you and your family member in mind, in addition to a live Q&A each week of the six week program.

The modules for the six week program are recorded and contain Dr. Nightingale’s cutting edge tools and information that help to improve the quality of life for your family member while reducing caregiver stress AND, you’ll be part of the exclusive Facebook group where you can interact with other people who have taken the program.

When you sign up you get:

  • Immediate access to the membership site where content will be dripped out over the course of the six week program.
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group
  • Weekly live Q&As with Dr. Dan to answer all your questions
  • Everything will be recorded and added to the membership site
  • You will have lifetime access to the program

BONUS! Sign up NOW and get the Nightingale Model of Enriched Care; a practical guide for caregiving that uses true person centered care for people living with dementia.  It is a three part set that includes:  The informational Model, the Care Deficit Identification Tool, and the Outcome Measurement.  Total pages:  60.

The cost for the six week program is only $497, and begins the week of September 25th.

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This program is certified and accredited by Dementia Therapy Specialists LLC