Mission Statement

Dementia Therapy Specialists aim to change the approach to the care and support of people living with dementia and all those involved in embarking on that journey.

Living with dementia is often a life that is uncertain from day to day. As such, fear and anxiety are at the very core of daily living. We aim to change that through a true person centered care approach that not only involves therapy, but also an awareness of the impact one’s environment has on the behavior, character and personality of someone living with dementia. We do not have a concept of suffering from dementia. Our concept is that individuals can live well with dementia.

We will therefore provide specialist dementia therapy training to already established clinicians practicing psychotherapy, psychology, hypnotherapy and psychiatry, nursing and social work in order that they can add this specialism to their regular practice.

We will provide clinical psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, along with NLP, CBT/REBT, Rogerian Person Centered Counselling and Gestalt therapy to people living with dementia and the loved ones supporting them on their unique journey.

We will provide training and development workshops to those supporting people living with dementia and residing in a care facility and present on the topic of dementia at social events and international conferences.

Please see our Speaking Page for a list of speaking Dr. Dan’s speaking engagements.