Retreats in Northern Arizona for People Living with Dementia, their Caregiver and the Staff of Dementia Friendly Services!


Kathy Grooming Angel

Dementia Therapy Specialists offers retreats near Prescott, Arizona for individuals or couples, which can be either intensive therapy for a number of behavioral challenges, OR a person living with young onset or early onset Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias and their spouse or significant other.

The retreat includes personalized therapy from leading clinical dementia specialist Dr. Daniel Nightingale, in addition to therapy for the caregiver (spouse or significant other). Kathleen Nightingale also helps people prevent caregiver burnout.

We also work with stressed-out staff of dementia friendly services.
Caregiver Laurie Smith said: “I am feeling more focused and happier, many thanks to you. I am less worried and anxious, and taking one day at a time, while trying to get out in nature more for it relaxes me most.”

A full assessment with a personalized treatment plan for the couple/individual, encompassing various therapies which may include psychotherapy, person-centered counseling, hypnotherapy, diet and nutrition, coping strategies, exercises for the brain, Montessori therapy and horse therapy.  (There are other animals on the ranch including dogs and goats.)

The aim of the weekend is to focus on improvements in the following seven areas:
  1. Improved Concentration
  2. The Ability to Relax
  3. Increased Motivation
  4. Reprogramming of Activities of Daily Living
  5. Enhanced Short Term Memory (Immediate/Working Memory)
  6. Improved Ability to Recall Memories of Significant Life Events
  7. The Development of Coping Strategies Based on Positive Illusion

For intensive one-to-one therapy, an eclectic intervention program will be developed along with the client.

The all-inclusive weekend begins on Friday, where you will be met and chauffeured by a private car to a nearby Bed and Breakfast from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.

The weekend includes three nights stay with breakfast and airport pickup. (Airfare is not included.)

“How can we ever thank you for a most fantastic weekend?  We talked about it all the way home. You both are the most wonderful host and hostess and it is obvious that your new venture will be most successful as your guests enjoy your kindness and generosity.

We felt so at ease and so special with all that you did for us.  We enjoyed your company, humor, serious talks and silly talks, and the absolutely delicious meals.  Your pets display the same personalities that you do, calm and welcoming.”  Diane Skaff

Kathleen’s mother, Dorothy.
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