Dr. Daniel Nightingale is available as a keynote and after dinner speaker. He is also available for workshops and other education programs.

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“Dr. Dan” was the keynote speaker at the Arizona Fiduciary Association conference. The following are comments from the presentation:

“Good information, entertaining presentation.”

“Engaging and funny.”

“Loved the entire presentation.”

“It was entertaining and kept my attention.”

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Examples of Dr. Dan’s keynote topics are:

  • Senescence vs Dementia
  • Ameliorating Transitional Shock
  • The Positive Impact of Hypnotherapy as a Treatment Option
  • The Importance of a Person Centered Environment and Appropriate Language and Terminology
  • Montessori Therapy to Enhance the Dining Experience
  • Supporting People with Behavioral Challenges

For further information, please contact Dr. Dan at DrDan@DementiaTherapySpecialists.com

Here is Dr. Dan speaking about Person Centered Care.